Da Rosario Truffle Mayos

Black Truffle

Black Truffle

It was a triple truffle day at the BurgerDogBoy house yesterday; I scooped up some of the chocolate variety at a posh shop downtown, in order to obtain a free pass to exit the dog house Mrs. Burgerdogboy had banished me to earlier in the week. Turns out I needn’t have purchased said chocolate truffles, for when I got home, there was a lovely package from Da Rosario in New York, who had graciously shipped me their USDA certified organic truffle mayos, of the white and black varieties.

Truffle love came to me late in life; while living in Europe, I was turned on to the Peter Mayle series of books (“A Year in Provence”), which eventually led me to his charming work “Anything Considered“, which recounts an amusing tale and behind the scenes look at the truffle industry.

A primer for those of you not familiar with the non-chocolate kind of truffles; truffles are the edible fruit of a particular kind of an underground mushroom, come in both white and black, are difficult to find, can’t really be cultivated (tho some are grown here in Oregon, the prized ones come from specific regions in Europe), and are VERY expensive. Technical explanation at Wikipedia.

Da Rosario has taken white and black truffles, and infused them iinto an organic mayo, and the results are astonishing. It’s rare (in my experience) to find ‘real’ truffles used in preparations like this, most truffle flavored items we purchase (like truffle olive oil) utilize artificial flavoring.

From the first whiff, taste of Da Rosario’s mayos, you know this is the real deal. The black (truffle, not color) mayo has the subtle scent one would expect from a condiment of this nature; the white truffle mayo is a fuller, richer flavor and scent, one that you can experience the embodiment of the delight nature provides for us.

While a little Da Rosario mayo would go a long way, at the BurgerDogBoy household, we live by the credo of “excess is not enough”, and my first taste of both mayos came directly from the fingers of Mrs Burgerdogboy, who had eschewed my purchased chocolates in favor of plunging a digit into each of the mayo containers.


Not wanting to “bury the lead” on this story, or in our food, we elected to use the white truffle mayo as a dipping sauce for French fries (how French!), and the black truffle mayo as an accompaniment on our home-baked bread, condiment garden lettuce and tomato, and farm fresh bacon BLTs.

I am delighted that Da Rosario sent me these, got me straight out of the doghouse and into gastronomy heaven! Look for the product in the stores, or order online.

Thanks Da Rosario – for both experiences!

Check out their video for some helpful tips.
Thanks Da Rosario – for both experiences, can’t wait to slather some on a burger!

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