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Sam Parella started Sammy’s Pizza on Minnesota’s Iron Range over 50 years ago. Today, Sammy’s locations are scattered across the Upper Midwest, and although each restaurant is independent, they are all owned by a relative of Sam or his best friend Nick Jerulle.

You’ll find no fancy artisan crusts, or fusion ingredients here. Sammy’s is basic thin crust pizza, with quality ingredients and toppings, and superb cheese, baked to perfection’

You’ll note Sammy’s is a proponent of square slices, which founder Sam says he learned during a short time he spent in Chicago.

There are half a dozen locations in my hometown, and over the years, they’ve fended off assaults from all the national chains, to remain the home town favorite. Frozen pies are available at the stores, as well, and cook up nicely, with the only discernable difference being the frozen pies use shredded cheese, the in-house pies are covered with cheese slices.

Sammy’s menu is online. The downtown Duluth location offers an all you can each lunch buffet on weekdays. Delivery available most stores, most times.

Map of Sammy’s Duluth locations:

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