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A popular street food in Vietnam, Pho (which can be pronounced a number of ways, don’t let anybody tell you different!) is a soup consisting of broth, linguine-shaped noodles, herbs, and a variety of meat choices, primarily beef, chicken, or shellfish. The geographical origin and timing of its origin is subject to debate.

When i was growing up in Duluth, if you wanted “Asian” food, you had a choice of one or two places where the most exotic item on the menu was egg foo yung.

No longer. For the past dozen years, Taste of Saigon has been dazzling locals and tourists alike from its location in the lakeside Canal Park area.

Taste of Saigon serves a variety of Asian-influenced dishes, utilizing the freshest ingredients available, and is voted the best Asian restaurant in the area, year after year.

The pho is great, and a good value.  Menu is online.

Taste of Saigon Duluth


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Taste of Saigon Review

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