Econo Lodge Review Maquoketa Iowa

Econo Lodge Review Maquoketa Iowa

I think I’ve become an “expert” on complimentary breakfasts at the value chain motels.  After spending decades traveling the world on employer’s dimes, mostly in four and five star hotels, with $30 room service continental breakfasts, I’m happy to crash at the value chains these days.  Most offer complimentary breakfasts of one sort or another, and most likely, I’m going to only be there a few hours.

At the minimum, you’ll usually find hot beverages, juice, breakfast breads, cereal and fruit. Maybe hard-boiled eggs. The next step up includes Golden Malted Waffles (boy, have these guys done a great job capturing that market), which includes one or two waffle flavors, with batter dispensed into a portion sized cup, an “automatic” waffle maker, and warm syrup along side.

Next, all of the former and the addition of biscuits and a crock pot full of gravy, mostly from a commercial food service, varying in quality.  Scrambled eggs and patty sausage (some places I’ve been at like Fairfields) not only have meat, but have it in  a rotation, with 3-5 different kinds.

Then there is this EconoLodge I stayed at last week.  Maquoketa is near the crossroads of two former great US Highways, 61 and 30, the Lincoln Highway.  EconoLodge is part of the Choice Hotels chain. Their breakfast (and I can’t say if this is chain-wide policy) included all the aforementioned items, along with regular scrambled eggs, a veggie egg scramble,  fried eggs, and pork sausage.  Here’s the kicker.  I could tell, and confirmed later, this was all scratch cooking done in house.  No eggs from powder or carton from Sysco for these guys.

Made a big different.  The rest of the story here?  Motel was clean, up to date, people were friendly and helpful (well, hell, it’s IOWA!).  My experience here will make me try Econo Lodge again.

This one is right at the highway exit (61) and there are restaurants and shopping within walking distance.  Smoke free.  Truck parking.  No pool. 🙁

If you’re in town on a weekend, check out this amazing nearby restaurant.