Fond O’ Fondue? Try “Fond O’ Fondue!”

Fond O Fondue

Fond O Fondue

Found these cute little fondues at Barbur World Foods, one of my regular neighborhood stops. They are called “Fond O’ Fondue” and are from a company in NJ called Fondofoods. According to Barbur, the fondue product is made in Austria.

Product information says that the cheese (which comes in a ‘collectible’ ceramic crock!) serves four as an appy, or two as a main.  I think I’d go along with that.  I guess we have bought these maybe (I could go count the crocks!) four times.

We love them.  They are available in several varieties/flavors, and so far, the traditional is our favorite.   A bit spendy at $8, it is nevertheless, far less than the other packaged fondues.


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