The One in Which I Bitch About “Resort Fees”

Harrahs Gulf Coast ReviewIt was bound to happen, hotels had to find ways to nickle and dime you like when the airlines added baggage charges (which brings in millions and millions). Today’s gripe is about Harrah’s, which is owned by private equity groups, and naturally they are going to squeeze every single dollar out of the company that they can. That’s what private equity does – customers, suppliers, employees don’t matter – putting bucks in the group’s personal wallets is the number one priority.

So I checked in to Harrah’s on the Gulf Coast, and the room was quite reasonable, but there was an $11 per day “resort fee.”  I thought this might be optional but was informed otherwise.

Here’s what you got for your fee:

  1. Access to the swimming pool (it rained cats and dogs my entire stay)
  2. “Free” wifi in the room, which was as speedy as dial up, course you could upgrade for a fee
  3. Access to the workout room.  Yeah, right, I’m getting my exercise pulling slot levers.

In other words, I got precisely zip for my “resort fee.”  And one elevator out of four working.  And advertised 24 hour facilities that closed before midnight.

Come on folks, wouldn’t you rather I donate that $11 to the casino?  Isn’t that what you want me there for?

Knock it off.




Harrahs Gulf Coast Review

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