Home Cookin’ – Carnegie Deli Corned Beef

Arguably, Portland isn’t the easiest place to find a “good” corned beef sandwich, or even deli style corned beef.  There are the usual national brands of PCF(1) briskets in stores, which I generally eschew, some unusual texture thing going on in those “meats”.

And there are few local restaurants that serve ‘locavore’ produced corned beef, which is pretty darned good, but for the ultimate sandwich, you usually have to go to the corned beef mecca, New York City, and more specifically, the Carnegie Deli, around since the 30s.  The history of the Carnegie is found on their website, but more importantly, it is with great joy I announce you can find the delicious meat in the deli counters at Portland’s New Seasons groceries.

Mrs. BDB knows I crave a good corned beef sandwich, and picked up some of the Carnegie product the other day, all for me.  (Ain’t she great!).

Paired with local Tillamook Swiss, and sauerkraut made from cabbage grown in our garden last summer (with thanks to Sara Pool, garden goddess),  I made a damned fine substitute NY reuben sandwich at home yesterday, on grilled Franz deli style rye  bread.

The Carnegie is known for their 1 lb overstuffed sandwiches (their sandwich menu is in our menu section), and I didn’t go that far, as a pound will last me through several sandwiches (just had one for breakfast)!


Reuben w/ Carnegie Corned Beef

Reuben w/ Carnegie Corned Beef


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