Frozen Pie Smackdown – Home Run Inn vs Reggio’s

Years ago, when I lived in Chicago, Home Run Inn or Reggio’s was my choice of frozen pizzas.   Which one I picked up just depended on what the store I was visiting, was carrying.  I always considered them equals, and among the best of the best in frozen pies.

The taste and appearance are similar, as are the value. (weight v price).  Usually one or the other is on sale.

Both companies started as single pizzerias in the Chicago area, with Home Run Inn predating Reggio’s by a few decades.  Both pies tout a “butter flavored crust” and both (in the classic line) would be defined as “Chicago thin crust”, which is my personal favorite.

I think they products have a similar taste, tho I prefer the sausage on Reggio’s, it is more flavorful;  Home Run Inn is more generous with their toppings.

The verdict?  For me, it’s a tie.  I’ll keep on enjoying both.

Home Run Inn Classic Sausage


Reggio’s Class Sausage


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