Home Cookin’ – Uncle Giuseppe’s Sausage & Pasta

Uncle Giuseppe's Two sidebars before getting to the meat of the matter:  I like Italian sausage (or ground beef) tomato sauce and pasta.   When I lived in Hong Kong, and I’d only get back to my apartment once a week or less, I’d make big batches and freeze in “me size” containers.   There’d always be something to eat when I rolled off a plane.

Second:  Mrs. Burgerdogboy makes some of the best home cooked Italian food in all the land.   So on the occasions we have these ‘heat and eat’ meals, they have a tough haul ahead of them to reach any level of decency.

We picked this product up at Grocery Outlet, which we’ve been hitting lately for two reasons:  inexpensive wine, and Harris Ranch ground beef.  The former for the Mrs., the latter for Burgerdogboy.

This was pretty inexpensive, compared to say – Stouffer’s or Marie Callendars.  So we thought we’ d try it.

A quick search of the interwebs shows this product is made under the auspices of Michael Angelo’s of Austin, TX, a large manufacturer of frozen entrees and sides.

50-60 minutes in a conventional oven (you know I always use one, even if nuking is permitted), and out comes the dish, looking not too appetizing straight from the fire.

Uncle Giuseppe's


But stir it up, and it doesn’t look so bad, plus you’ll love the ingredient list: tomato sauce, sausage, and pasta. Period.   Voila!

Uncle Giuseppe's

How was it?  Mrs. Burgerdogboy and I were both surprised.  There was plenty of flavor, and the texture was fine.  In either the sauce or the sausage, there was a hint of fennel, which I always appreciate.

Would I buy it again?  Yep.

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