Jack Link’s Sasquatch Big Stick

More than a hundred years ago, Chris Link started cranking out snacks and jerky for the lumberjacks of Northern Wisconsin.  Link settled in the tiny burg of Minong (pop. 531) , and today, from those humble beginnings, Jack Link’s has become arguably the largest meat snack company in the free world.  I became a fan when they rolled out their “steak strips” as an alternative to both jerky and sticks.  It’s one of the few beef snack products I know of that feels and tastes like actual beef.

Jack Link’s is a force to be reckoned with worldwide, these days, and they have plants around the globe.

The Big Stick I purchased today, in Portland, OR, was made in New Glarus, WI, according to the USDA stamp on the package.

What, never heard of New Glarus?  You’re missing out, it’s America’s “Little Switzerland“, and is a great place to visit.   Gorge yourself on fondue and other dairy products, while swilling down some local brews.  Top it off with local divine pastries.  You might want to hit there for the annual Swiss independence day celebration in the summer!

But I digress.  The Sasquatch Beef stick is pretty tasty, and weighs in at 2.2 ounces for less than $1.80.   While I like both Slim Jim products and even 7-Eleven in-house beef sticks, Jack Link’s will remain my favorite, as beautiful downtown Minong is within spitting distance of my own hometown.


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