Juicy Savings on Steak (Guest Post)

Nothing satisfies like a thick, juicy steak, but as we’re cutting our budgets, sometimes it’s the first luxury to go. Here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be. You can find grocery store savings on all kinds of food, including steak. And these cooking tips will help you to make a frugal feast on a less expensive cut of meat.

Soak it in something savory:

  • Any cut of meat can be improved if you marinate it for a long time. There are many “recession recipes” that involve a combination of meat, time, and cheap cola. The marination tenderizes the inexpensive cut of meat, and if you can grill it that adds an extra layer of flavor. It’s all in the details, and it’s not always about how much you spend.

Tenderize it:

  • The website Livestrong suggests hammering your steak with a meat mallet to make it more tender, but warns that you can’t hammer too hard or your steak will fall apart.
  • Stewing is also a good option. You sear the meat first, and then cook it with broth and veggies. A cheaper cut of meat may take some extra time to cook, but it will provide just as much flavor as a fancy one without emptying your bank account.

Cut it properly and cook it to maximize flavor:

  • Esquire Magazine talked to some butchers to find out the tastiest ways to prepare some common inexpensive cuts of meat. Cuts like shoulder steak and Bistec Norteno taste best when sliced thinly.
  • Most cheap cuts of meat work well when prepared with a high heat method like pan searing, but brisket is best cooked slowly on low heat. If you cook them correctly, these are all delicious cuts of meat at a good value.

You shouldn’t have to remove steak from your lifestyle. As we all cut back our budgets, it’s good to have meals that make us feel like kings on a shoestring. You can trim your costs without feeling deprived, and that’s something we can all feel good about.

Additional Resources:

  • Need some extra inspiration? The folks over at Divine Health from the Inside Out have posted this decadent but frugal recipe for sirloin steak with a balsamic reduction. It’s just as good as rib eye, so you’ll save on cost but not enjoyment.

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