Lean Cuisine Spinach & Mushroom Pizza

Boy, was I ever prepared not to like this.  But the cupboards were bare, and while I gave up “4th meal” a long time ago, I was waiting for Mrs. Burgerdogboy to come home from a networking event, so we could watch the latest installment of Sons of Anarchy.

The pizza comes with one of those new-fangled crisping trays, which, in my experience, haven’t worked too well, but are really dependent on how the product is par-baked at the factory.

This “deep dish” pie is topped with Spinach and Mushrooms.  Instructions call for it to be nuked on the special tray for 2 1/2 minutes, then to let it rest for an additional minute.

I followed the instructions to the letter.

While the snack seems to be a boon for those eschewing fat grams (only 7), it’s not so hot for diabetics with 52 grams of carbs.  The ingredient list (in both English and Spanish) very few lab produced ingredients – down to the basics of crust, spinach, mushrooms, cheese.  The spinach was ample, the mushrooms not so much.

The pie did crisp up, and there are baking marks on the bottom; the crust is crispy at the edges, and bread-like chewy in the middle.  The cheese has a nice flavor, and the spinach pre-prepared in such a way that it doesn’t make the end product soggy, which was a ‘fear’ of mine.

Lean Cuisine makes a wide variety of different topping pizzas, including pepperoni, 3-meat, garlic chicken, and vegetable.  The website has a “where to purchase” locator.

While I am very picky about frozen pizzas, and am especially suspect about microwave-prepared ones, I really have no complaints about this product.  I will most certainly try other styles.

These photographs are from the Lean Cuisine website.  Ordinarily I would post my own, but in this instance, my photos don’t look appreciably different than the company-produced pix, which says something in itself!

Lean Cuisine Spinach and Mushroom Pizza

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