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See, I always thought if you wanted to hit the BBQ capitals of the US, you headed for Memphis, or St. Louis, or Texas…or the Carolinas.

But no, it turns out the BBQ mecca of the country is a tiny hamlet in Northern Wisconsin, called Hayward…. famous as the location of the Birkebinder,(oh, look it up!) Lumberjack contests, a couple of really big fish statues, and the birthplace of Famous Dave’s BBQ. (Caution, loud music upon opening the site).

Dave opened his first outlet there in the early 90s, at a resort he bought, and before too long, was serving up to 1000 folks a night! But this unveiling only came after Dave had spent 25 years investigating what puts the “Q” in barbecue, and perfecting his own secret recipes.

Today there are Famous Dave’s everywhere, in 36 states, with a couple hundred outlets open, both company owned and franchised locations.

I picked up the Baby Back and Meat combo for Mrs. BDB yesterday, she deserved a treat and she loves her ‘cue!

The platter, at $20.99, includs 1/3 slab of ribs, an extra meat choice (she got brisket), corn bread muffin, corn cobette, and two sides (mac n cheese and slaw).

She pronounced it delightful, and there was ample enough quantity that she’ll be gnawing on it for a second day. For her to like it says alot, because we have been to (arguably) the BBQ mecca of the US, Lockhart, TX, and grazed our way through their fine establishments.

Famous Dave’s is supposed to have a righteous burger, and I’ll have to try that sometime.

Location finder and menu online.

(Exterior shot of restaurant from the corporate website).

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