Opsahls Pizza Review, Rockford, IL

Opsahls Pizza Review RockfordMy best bud in college was from Rockford, Illinois, and we’d go down there on occasion; I returned with him a little later in life for his first (of 4) wedding, and when he relocated from Rockford to San Jose. He invited several of us to help with that move, unfortunately, he bought several cases of beer PRIOR to us helping, so you know how that went. Then he and I headed across country in his 240-Z testing its upper limits of MPH, and that tale has a number of anecdotes that don’t belong on a G-Rated website.

Back then, Rockford was really a blue collar, manufacturing town, producing heavy machinery, furniture, and even bombs for awhile. These days the largest cmployers are hospitals and government, tho twenty miles east, in Belvidere, IL there has been a huge Chrysler plant for a number of decades. Currently they are puking out some Jeep models.

During our visits, we used to hit a favorite dive bar of his, and I went in search of it during a recent drive through town. It’s still there, but no longer qualifies as a ‘dive,’ the menu is all chi-chi now and they even take reservations.

So I zipped around in search of a new dive bar, and found one on the south side of the city, “Opsahl’s Tavern.”  It’s on the southern edge of the city, just a bit off US 20. I think it fits all the requisite definitions for a dive bar, no fancy interior, a crowd of regulars early in the morning, in a constant state of remodeling, bits and pieces to be installed sitting around.

But they have a very pretty menu (below) and are “famous for their burgers and pizza.”  So I ordered a pizza. My usual, sausage, green olives, double cheese, thin crust. Double cheese was a mistake as they are very generous with the cheese in the first place.  This is a pie with a lot of sauce, and it’s flavorful. Sausage chunks were  a nice size, and the sliced olives were the “Sicilian style” (marinated and herb-y) that pizzeria supply houses sell, and I like a lot.

My pic of the pie is not as pretty as it was in real life —  as I had a pizza catastrophe going out to the car – I dropped the box. Which tended to shift some of the toppings – drastically.  I didn’t actually cry, but I could have.  Anyway, it’s a great pizza. The local radio station apparently did a review, he wasn’t as enthused as I was, course I’m the expert, aren’t I?  Check out Opsahl’s if you get to Rockford. Two locations now.

Opsahls Pizza Review Rockford

Sausage and Olive Pie

Opsahls Pizza Review Rockford


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Opsahls Pizza Review

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