Ore-Ida Country Style French Fries Review

Ore-Ida French FriesStarted in 1952 in a small town on the border of Oregon and Idaho by local entrepreneurs the Grigg Brothers, Ore-Ida has become one of the largest processors of potatoes in the world.  Inventors of the tater tots.  Sold to Heinz in 1965.

They currently make about 50 different types and sizes of frozen potatos, and I picked up the “Country Style French Fries”, which are touted to be lightly seasoned with skins.

I rarely buy frozen (or any kind) of fries anymore, but was in the mood to try these.  I do love the tots, always my first choice on menus that offer a choice of  ‘taters.

These were OK, whatever the ‘seasoning’ is, I couldn’t taste it.  One of the ingredients on the bag is “potato flour’, and I have no idea what the purpose of that is.  Besides potatos and oils, the other ingredients are salt, flavorings and color.

There was a story in the last couple days that McDonalds is dumping Heinz Ketchup after a 40 year marriage.  That must be a chunk of revenue.  Maybe they can start packing ketchup packs with the Ore-Ida fries?  It’s funny that as long as they have owned it, there has been no (that I am aware of ) cross promotion between Heinz and Ore-Ida.  Why not a special “French Fry Ketchup”.  Certainly a better idea than when Heinz put out ketchups in funky colors!

Remember this commercial for Heinz Ketchup, behind the talented Carly Simon tune?  The point was it was so thick, it took forever to come out of the bottle.  Apparently something has changed, as it runs out like water now.  It’s a shame that’s changed.


Ore Ida Country Style Fries

Baked 22 minutes, 425

Ore-Ida Country Style French Fries Review



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