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With an even dozen open locations in the Pacific NW, Sushi Land (menu) has hopped on the sushi conveyor chain serving mostly fresh, on demand sushi and low prices. You takes your seat, you picks your sushi off the conveyor, priced by plate color at $1 – $3, beer and saki and a few other dishes available by ordering off the menu. Pretty tough to spend more than $20 for two, and if you are a sushi fan, you know that price point is a bargain.

Mrs. BDB had a hankering for sushi last nite, down and dirty, so that meant a place that does NOT serve a gourmet burger, but being as I am a loving, accomodating husband, we jetted off to the nearest Sushiland location, in the Bridgeport Village area of Portland, entered, and dove in.

Sadly, they were “out” of a lot of her favorites, but she managed to do some damage anyway, I think we ended up with 9 plates, and a single mini carafe of hot saki, diet coke for me, and the bill was $20.50.

The end of the ordering was the presentation of the “Dragon Roll” a monsterous combination of various seafoods, which appeared (only appeared) to be too large for Mrs BDB to put in her mouth. But success!

I had a few wimpy rolls, the kind not for the sushi purist, but I was suffering from a bit of digestive disorder all day, so it was all I could manage.

But happy wife, happy life!

If you want average to above average sushi at a bargain price, one of Sushiland’s dozen locations might be for you. If you are looking for the exceptional, try out the couple other places we have posted about recently, Bamboo Sushi, and Yakuza Lounge.

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One comment to “Oregon & WA Chain – Sushi Land”
One comment to “Oregon & WA Chain – Sushi Land”
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