Portland, Or – Hummus “Wars”

I am always reminded of this picture when I drive by a corner near my house – Pomona and SW Capitol Hwy.  For years, there was a lonely outpost of all foods Mediterranean – Baba Fresh – he’s a really nice guy, good food, and a manufacturer/distributor of hummus to local retailers and restaurants.

Some years later, along comes “The Hummus Stop“, not so much a purveyor of prepared foods, like his “competitor”, but selling a number of varieties of hummus, for which they have received some noted acclaim at local farmer’s markets, as well as a a boutique line of Mediterranean grocery items.

They have a large red and white sign outside the store, brightly lit, in a kind of ‘warbly’ stop sign style.

I don’t know if these guys know each other, are friendly, or not, but I was amused recently when the streetside sign changed from just saying “Baba Fresh – Mediterranean Grill, to (in very large letters):  “Baba Fresh, Kabob House and HUMMUS!”

Will one win or lose?  Doubtful they are even approaching it that way.  Baba Fresh has always been updating, and freshening, long before the Hummus Stop showed up.  Last  year he added an outside deck for dining.  This year, besides the sign, some festive lighting for the deck. 

He also added espresso and turkish coffees a few year ago when another across the street neighbor, Baristador’s Coffee, opened up.

We admire the owner of Baba Fresh, for always “trying”.  And we wish all of our neighbors success in business, always!

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