Portland, OR – Back to “Eat – An Oyster Bar”

Was back to “Eat – An Oyster Bar” the other day, Mrs. BDB was feeling the need for some fresh oysters, and I’m always up for a bit of that “N’awlins cuisine”.

I won’t trouble you with pix, since I had a catfish po-boy, just like last time.

We arrived at the tail end of the Sunday brunch mess, so the kitchen was just switching over to the regular menu, so a couple things were not available. No sweat.

Mrs. BDB had a “make your own bloody mary” while we waited, I splurged and had a Rainer in a can.

The biggest to-do for me was the pile of house-made andouille sitting on the counter, its rich smokiness filling the room. Not on the menu, I inquired of our server, formerly a Crescent Cityonian herself, and she said they were three bux each or two for five.

Well, had to get a couple to go, after we finished our late lunch.

Man, oh, man, this may be the best sausage made in Portland. I never find anything to gripe about when it comes to this restaurant, except for the fact they have been screwing around with adding a muffaletta sandwich to the menu for a year, and haven’t gotten to it.

But I am sure when they finally get to it, it will have been worth the wait.

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One comment to “Portland, OR – Back to “Eat – An Oyster Bar””
One comment to “Portland, OR – Back to “Eat – An Oyster Bar””
  1. Two days later, had one of their sausages for breakfast. Having lived in Louisiana and been around the sausage business there, I can tell you unequivocally, this andouille is a superb product!

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