Portland, OR – Silk Vietnamese Bar Review

We had been to an event sponsored by Klout, a couple hours whereby Chevrolet was shoveling food and drinks at us to talk about their hybrid “Volt.” The event was held in the Pearl neighborhood, at a venue called Urban Studio.

Catering was superb. Waitstaff walked around with trays of delicacies, like goat cheese tarts, sirloin on toast, prosciutto melon, and other treats. The cars were nice, too.

We went for a walk, and turned into Silk, a Vietnamese bar and restaurant. It was about 8, restaurant was moderately busy, the bar side was not, and we took a table in the bar, ordered a couple drinks and appetizers.

We went with the petite Banh Mi, hand-pulled pork, with pickled vegetables, on delicate crispy rolls.  Added the shrimp ceviche, 3 small servings on Asian soup spoons.   Mrs. Burgerdogboy asked for an order of “Crazy Noodles”, stir-fried rice noodles with chicken, boc choy, basil, red pepper, and egg, thinking she would keep these for breakfast, but me knowing they wouldn’t last the nite.

Service was great, the food was superb.  Two appys, one entree, two glasses of wine, $32.

The menu is full of small plates, “Vietnamese tapas” as it were.


Silk Vietnamese Bar and Restaurant, Portland, OR

Silk on Urbanspoon

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