Smittys Pork Tenderloin Review – Leonore, IL

Smittys Pork Tenderloin Review

Smittys Pork Tenderloin ReviewThe pork tenderloin, also known as BPT (b is for breaded) is a popular sandwich in the Upper Midwest, particularly in Iowa and Indiana. And occasionally in Illinois.  It’s similar to Wienerschnitzel.

A pork cutlet is cut and then smashed to make it larger and thinner, dipped in breading, sometimes cornmeal, panko, crushed saltines and deep-fried.  It is usually served on a hamburger bun, garnished with any or all: tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, pickles, onions.  Frequently accompanied by fries as a side.

There’s been a friendly competition among purveyors to lay claim to the title of “the largest,” and certainly in Illinois the small town of Smitty’s in Leonore, takes the title. Leonore is a booming locale south of Lasalle-Peru, 100 miles West of Chicago.  Population 13o.

I rolled down there on a Saturday, aiming to beat the lunch “crowd” so I called in my order (still, as of this date, curbside service only).

Both I and the sandwich arrived at the same time, and like those who have gone before, I agree, this baby is YUGE.

And delicious. Proper amount of breading, gently seasoned, good quality pork taste and texture.  Excellent pickles and fresh cut onions.  There are tables outdoor for diners to enjoy their BPT’s or other items until the interior opens up again.

Worth a drive.

Iowa has an entire “Tenderloin” you can try and conquer.

I’ve written about tenderloins on the trail and also in Indiana.

Go on, go for it.  You know you want to!







Smittys Pork Tenderloin Review

Smittys Pork Tenderloin Review