Superior, WI – VIP Pizza

VIP has three locations in the Twin Ports, two in Duluth, and this one in “Soup Town.” I remember the first Duluth location from a couple decades ago, on East 8th Street, across from Taran’s market. I was never in VIP that I recall, but I remember getting sent to the predecessor store, a little deli, whenever my mom needed some kosher grub.

The Gebackene  (“baked” in German) Pizza has an “interesting” variety of toppings:

Russian dressing-flavored sauerkraut, mushrooms, black olives, fresh chopped onions, and green peppers,topped with mozzarella, Swiss cheese and spicy Italian sausage.

I’ve made pizzas with kraut at home before, but never seen it offered at a pizzeria.  It’s an interesting topping, adds a whole new dimension of flavor and texture.  But thousand island?  Not for me.

The Minnesota Burger posse was out socializing after another Todd Eckart show, and they reported that the Gebackene was enjoyed by the entire crew.

Minnesota Burger Posse

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