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So Mrs. BurgerDogBoy and I used to go to this little bar down 99W in Tigard, I think it was called Rodney’s – and I’d get a club sandwich (which was fine!), and she’d get ribs or a perfectly adequate steak.  The staff was personable, and they’d have bar type events, which we didn’t participate in, but often seemed to draw a crowd.

In one corner of the bar was a small counter selling tacos, and poof!  One day the “Rodney’s” part was gone, and the entire joint had been commandeered by the taqueria, now operating under the name of Sanchez’s.

They have a fairly simple, brief, authentic Mexican menu, and last nite Mrs. BurgerDogBoy had a yen for a little tongue, so we were off to visit the Sanchez’s.

She ordered the tongue plate, which came with a pile of meat, prepared in the usual manner,with onion and cilantro, and some ample sides of beans and rice.   I went with the beef, offered similarly, and our plates each came with four warm soft tortillas, clearly prepped in the home-style manner.

The food was flavorful and ample, and the plates were $11.00 each.  The building houses the taqueria at one end, and a Mexican bakery at the other, tho the bakery is closed at night, except for self-serve coolers of the day’s oven proceeds.

As Mrs. BDB was raised in Los Angeles, she knows her Mexican, and she loved this meal.  Portland has been a black hole when it comes to authentic Mexican food, but lately, the offerings have improved tremendously.  Particularly on that trip of 99w, a number of Mexican cafes, groceries, and bakeries have popped up.

The Sanchez’s offer a wide variety of Jarritos sodas, including my favorite, the pineapple one.  They also have a few beers.   You won’t find the garish decorations usually associated with Americanized Mexican cafes, nor any staples we have become used to, like nachos, or chips and salsa.  What you will find is filling, tasty, home-style Mexican food, and some pretty hefty-industrial strength fluorescent lighting.

It’s worth a stop.

We have their menu here. On the map below, “B” marks Sanchez, and the map marks all things “Mexican” on this strip of highway.

Sanchez Taqueria Map

Sanchez Taqueria Map

Sanchez Taqueria Beef Plate

Sanchez Taqueria Beef Plate

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