Westport, WA – Brady’s Oysters

Brady's Oysters, Westport, Washington32 degrees out, and we’re determined to have a seafood “picnic”, merely because 1) that’s how we roll, and 2) we’re in a seafood paradise.

We asked our innkeeper for directions to Brady’s, and he supplied minutia detail down to the minute (7 minutes north on this road, turn right…, etc).

Brady’s is not a restaurant, it’s an oyster farming business, with a small market, and an in-house smoker for local salmon and other delicacies.  Aside from the seafood counter, they have a couple of shelves of related grocery items, like cocktail sauce, crackers, seasoning and a few knick-knacks.

Oysters there are damned cheap, compared to restaurant prices, and you can buy them by the pint, gallon, or multi-gallon.  They ship, as well. As you probably know, oysters come in a variety of sizes, and having moved up here from the Gulf Coast, we’re used to a more diminutive mollusk than are generally available here.  The “smalls” in Washington are fairly equal to the largest ones out of Louisiana, and if you want ‘reall small” around these parts, you ask for yearlings.

The even larger ones are a delicacy in Asia these days, and the US ships a lot of them over there.

So we purchased some ‘already shucked’ oysters, cocktail sauce, crackers, and a slab of smoked salmon to enjoy at the picnic tables outside the market.

If you want a strictly oyster vacation, it appears South Bend, WA, is the center of the industry in the area.  Lots of processing plants and oyster-centric restaurants.

We enjoyed Brady’s.  We’d stop again.

Brady's Oysters Westport Washington

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