Yakima, WA – Farmer’s Market

Wandering around the used car capital of the Pacific Northwest (I have never seen so many used car lots in any one place), we stumbled upon the weekend urban Farmer’s Market, a diminutive offering for being in the heart of an ag belt. Asparagus is obviously in season, as many of the stands were offering fresh cut asparagus, and had obviously colluded ahead of time on fixed prices.

But what was not apparent from the onset, was that the Farmer’s Market might just turn out to be the location of the best meal we had during the weekend, via a transplanted Mississippians food cart jambalaya. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this is probably the best jambalaya in Yakima.

Actually, it was some of the best I have ever had anywhere, a kitchen sink variety, with shrimp, sausage, chicken, oysters, and a raft of vegetables in a salty, herby broth over white rice.

$10. TEN BUCKS? Yep, and I paid it gladly.

You’ve heard for restaurants where the secret ingredient is “love?” This guy’s secret ingredient was salt, and plenty of it. Of the flavored variety, think Tony Chachere, most likely. Probably heavy for most people, but damn, I liked it.

This guy may have a real restaurant in Yakima somewhere, but me thinks he is mostly on the traveling/event circuit. Worth looking up.

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