Wolfgang Puck’s Thin Crust Frozen Pizza

The description on the website (and the package) says: “A thin, honey-infused crust with a classic tomato, basil and garlic sauce, and mozzarella, parmesan and fontina cheeses, and uncured pepperoni, sopressatta salami and Italian sausage.”

About 24 ounces, a little north of $6, I was eager to try this new entry to the frozen market. Dollar per ounce, the value is average. Instructions were 425 degree oven for 11-13 minutes, middle rack. I use a pre-heated pizza stone, and so it was ready for consumption right on time.

I wouldn’t call it “thin crust,” at least not by my definition. More like “normal/average crust” and tho I couldn’t personally detect the honey infusion in the crust, the bread part of the pie did have a good flavor. The outer crust was slightly crispy, and the inner chewy, which is to my preference.

The ingredients panel shows a darth of preservatives, which I guess is good. (So people tell me). The uncured meats have a good flavor, but Wolfy, why so chintzy on them? Three pieces of salami and five pieces of pepperoni? (Tho the pic on the box shows more than that). The sausage was indistinguishable. More cheese, please.

I give this pie a solid “B”, but it still trails Home Run Inn and CPK in my personal satisfaction category. The pizza is pictured below just coming out of the heating chamber.



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