Tomah, Wi – Kwik Trip Truckstop Mini Mart

If you’ve ever driven Chicago to Minneapolis, you know where the “I” divides, it’s Tomah, Wisconsin, where Interstates 90 and 94 split and go their merry ways west ward.

I only had a minute here, too damned bad, because Tomah is a cranberry mecca, and offers at least two shops full of cranberry Tschostkes.  OK, I am kidding, I didn’t want to hit those, but they are there.  I also did not have time to visit the most excellent Midwestern burger chain “Culvers”, which is home to the extremely tasty “Butterburger.” Hit one of those as soon as you can.

No, I was reduced to the heat and eat 99 cents cheeseburger @ the Kwik Trip truck stop.   But note that I opted for that before I would eat at the clown restaurant.

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