Ristoro della Salute Review – Rome, Italy

Ristoro della Salute Review 

Everyone advises to steer clear of restaurants immediately outside of tourist attractions (they overcharge! they take advantage) but this eatery just outside the Colosseum seemed like just the perfect place for a little lunch after learning all about gladiators, lions, and such.

I went with the burger described as CHIANINA BURGER 200gr, TOMATOES, LETTUCE WITH HOMEMADE ARTISAN BREAD, Chianina being a particular breed of Italian steer, formerly used as a work animal, but now raised primarily for beef.

It was accompanied by lightly fried potatoes, reminiscent of the souffle potatoes one finds in New Orleans, just as light, but not as puffy.  They were delicious as was the burger.

I have found burgers in Italy to be a “denser” grind than in the US, which makes for a far more satisfying “chew.” 200 grams is just over 7 ounces, a weighty patty. Menu.

Ristoro della Salute Review