Duluth East High School Student Cafe Venture

When I was a sprout growing up in Sinclair Lewis’  Zenith City,  I went to junior high (7-9) at Ordean Junior High School, where nobody complained  about us having “Warriors”for a team name with a silhouette of an Indian for a logo.   Then it was on to Duluth East for (most of) grades 10-12.  Well, due to some weird population shift in the cosmos now Ordean is East (after a gajillion dollar remodeling job) and East is Ordean East Junior….er Middle…..  Or something.  Don’t even think about getting me started on my grade school.

The students at East have always been an enterprising lot, but now they’ve amped it up by starting a restaurant within the school that is open to the public.  It’s called “Food for Thought” and it not only helps train students interested in the culinary arts, but also in general business.   The menu is varied,  very ambitious, and everything served is made from scratch in house.

Specials change by the week and month, and compliment the regular menu items.  The Duluth Lunch Bunch hit the cafe today and reported an  excellent experience.  Every dish consumed was superb in preparation and presentation, and the enthusiasm of the student employees was reported to be  far and above the service received in most Duluth restaurants. The operation is overseen by Glenn D’Amour, Culinary Arts Instructor for the Duluth public school system and former corporate chef  at several highly regarded local eateries.

We have a gaggle of pix, so let’s get right to them.  The current offerings are in our menu section.  And p.s. Don’t tell anybody the prices are too cheap!!!!  (Cash only, BTW).

Cafe and food photos by and Copyright Duluth photographer Kawikamedia.com 

Food for Thought Cafe Review

Duluth East, Now Ordean – East


Food for Thought Cafe Review

Remodeled Ordean, Which is Now Duluth East


Food for Thought Cafe Review

Cafe Entrance. Which Apparently Can Get Slippery


Food for Thought Cafe Review

The Uber Chef


Food for Thought Cafe Review

Students Getting Ready to Dish Up the Goods


Food for Thought Cafe Review

BBQ Rib Plate


Food for Thought Cafe Review

Beautiful Plating for Local Favorite Walleye


Diners Dig Dining

Denture Set Takes Corn on the Cob Challenge


Food for Thought Cafe Review

Time for Dessert!


Duluth East High School

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