Paks Green Corner Update


This restaurant has announced it will close in November of 2014 as a result of selling their property


Follow up visit at Pak’s Green Corner in Duluth, MN, to make sure appearing on Triple D didn’t go to their heads.  Didn’t.  Still excellent.  Had the Korean beef taco, poutine, and red curry chicken.  Very enjoyable. With Canada being literally on Duluth’s doorstep, and poutine being the national dish of Canada, it’s about time someone offered it in the Twin Ports!  (Pak’s will be on Triple D 11/1, 11/2, and 11/7 on Food Network.  Check your local listings for times. )


Pak's Geen Corner Duluth



Pak's Geen Corner Duluth

Korean Tacos


Pak's Geen Corner Duluth

Red Chicken Curry

Paks Green Corner

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