Papa Gs Diner Review – Huntley, IL

Papa Gs Diner Review – Huntley, IL

Papa Gs is an all-day diner located in Huntley, IL, a far distant suburb of Chicago. In the before times, it was one of my regular go-to’s for breakfast out, but I haven’t back in until today.

Their service is without fault, the food is terrific, and everything on the menu is fairly priced and a good value.

I usually go for breakfast, and I did today, and what draws me to their breakfast (besides your food being prepared exactly how you order it) is their home-made bread option for toast.  I get the rye (pictured) and it’s superb.

Got my eggs “up” and asked for my potatoes to be extra crispy, they were, and for the ham to have a little char on it (it did), I like the texture that gives the pork.  Their ham is “off the bone” meaning, sliced from a whole or half ham, not one of those weird chewy ham slices loaded with a brine injection that most places serve.

Papa Gs Diner Review Like most diners of this type in the area, most lunch and dinner entrees come with a complimentary bowl of soup in addition to your choice of sides.  Breakfast is served all day. There are daily specials, usually found on a board in the vestibule, or ask your server.

Another feature I like about area diners is the tabletop offerings,Papa Gs Diner Review always plenty of condiments, sweeteners, spreads for toast, a basket of creamer, and one chock-a-block full of butter.

Like most places, Papa Gs has had some difficulty getting staffing levels back to normal, and looking around the room, I’m gonna take a wild guess that a lot of family members are filling in.  And that’s terrific, isn’t it?

The restaurant has a very lengthy menu of choices, no matter what time of day you’re dining. The restaurant is located at 10502 IL-47, Huntley, IL 60142, just a few miles north of the I-80 Huntley exit.

I’m happy they survived the difficulties, and wish them the best of luck for their continued success.  Oh, and the homemade bread?  You can get a loaf to go, if you like!

Hours are  5A-9P Monday thru Saturday and until 3 PM on Sunday.

Their full menu is online here.

Papa Gs Diner Review

Papa Gs Diner Review – Huntley, IL