Ross Restaurant Review – Bettendorf Iowa

Ross Restaurant Review

Ross has been around forever, although it’s in a new location than the one when I used to live here.  Owned a radio station here, and the light of my life, my daughter was born here.  For those of you unfamiliar with the city, it is one of the “Quad Cities,” four burgs that straddle the Mississippi, a couple of towns on each side.  (It’s actually the Quint Cities, but we won’t get into that).

In my day, the restaurant was open 24 hours, which was a great necessity at the time, as my morning DJ couldn’t get fired up on the air until he’d had pancakes or a milkshake, or both, at Ross at around 4AM, prior to his show.

Lots of people go to Ross for their version of the “loose meat sandwich,” similar to Maid-Rites, but superior in size and flavor. Read about my adventures with Maid-Rites here.

Others, such as myself, prefer to dine on Ross’ unique offering the “Magic Mountain” which is an homage to the famous “Horseshoe” sandwiches of Central Illinois.

In the original building, there was only one version of the mountain, but today they offer multiples, which you can note on the menu portion here. (click to enlarge).

Ross Restaurant Review

My choice this week was the “Poutine Mountain”  bottomed by Texas toast, topped loose meat, fries, beef gravy and drizzled mozzarella cheese.  My tablemates said I would never finish it, fooled them!  It was amazing.  Ample quantity of meat and quality fries, house-made beef gravy and ample cheese.  If I would have right in the head, I would have also had them slap some sausage gravy on it, with more toast on the side.  COME ON CARB OVERLOAD.

It’s been over thirty years since I have dined at Ross, hope it isn’t that long again. It was post-lunch rush on a Saturday afternoon, wasn’t so busy, and our server did an admirable job. Lots of famous people have dined at the home of the mountain. Hendrix, Johnny Cash, President Obama to name a few. In the Obama video, note Ross’ cinnamon roles the size of a loaf of bread!

Ross Restaurant Review

Poutine Mountain