Pillsbury Heat and Eat Breakfast Biscuits

I often carp to anyone within spitting distance, “why are there only sausage and egg breakfast sandwiches in the frozen food?  Why doesn’t anybody make a bacon and egg one?

Well, someone at Pillsbury heard me, and came out with Bacon, Egg, Cheese Biscuits, a 2.5 minute microwave affair.   They come in two separate pieces, which you heat, and then “carefully lift one section onto the top of the other with a fork!” (so say the instructions).

I did.  And I did.  And I let it rest for a bit.

Bite.  Flavor?  Pretty good.  Bacony? Yep.  Eggy and cheesey?  Yep.  All three ingredients were diced, which is kind of strange, but it must have something to do with the cooking process.

And the biscuit?  Hey, come on, Pillsbury is the 900 pound canary in the biscuit segment, right?  These HAD to be good.

Not.  They are “gummy.”  Same problem as any sausage and egg sandwich I have tried.  Not sure why. Not sure why they can’t use one of those “magic heating trays” to give a little toasted crispness to the outside of the biscuit.

But it’s like eating glue.

Sorry folks, fail. I won’t be back.

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