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Chicken Fried Bacon

Chicken Fried Bacon

If you haven’t hit Slappy Cakes in SE Portland, because you think it’s just for kids, you’ve missed one of the best breakfasts in town.

Although children of all ages will enjoy the concept of making their own pancakes right at the table – choose from a type of batter and a wide selection of both sweet and savory toppings, the full-service menu offers hidden breakfast gems the quality of which are rare on the Portland breakfast scene.

We ventured over on Wednesday morning (because we hear it can be a madhouse on weekends), with visiting nephew in tow, and he delighted in squeezing buttermilk pancake batter (out of a ketchup style condiment bottle) onto the griddle and tossing in chocolate chips and raisins. 

The batter and griddle are perfect for cooking up a batch of virtually no fail flapjacks, and the buttermilk cakes are great just on their own.

But delve into the full service menu offerings (adult beverages as well), and you’ll find great finds like chicken fried bacon with a caramel sauce; country fried steak with potatoes, crispy on the outside, pillowy soft inside, reminiscent of New Orleans famous “Brabant style” potatoes. Cover all that with sausage gravy. Man oh man.

Mrs. Burgerdogboy went with the Huevos Rancheros, and offered me a smidgen of a taste as she scarfed up her plate.  I have to say, it was delicious.   The concoction rests on a pile of ‘secretly-seasonsed’ beans which are to die for.

Other interesting choices include congee,  pork belly benedict, and an interesting sounding mushroom scramble.  Yes, veggie offerings as well.

Slappy Cakes, where have you been my entire breakfast life?  I am in love! 


Country Fried Steak and Potatoes

Country Fried Steak and Potatoes


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