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The $1 Fishwich

Yes, folks, I eat these things so you don’t have to.  This was from the Dollar Store.  A buck.  Pretty good bun, really.  The fish patty was like most fast food ones, reminiscent of fish, but that’s all.  Microwaving doesn’t improve on it.


The $1 Fishwich

The $1 Fishwich

Portland, OR – Newport Seafood Grill

Something’s fishy here, and it’s not the food.  Restaurants Unlimited, a dominant operator in the Northwest, has closed a lot of their Portland outlets, and they should give up on this one as well.

Lackadasical service, ho hum food, and spendy prices for what’s delivered on the plate.

We wondered in last Saturday afternoon at Washington Square, and within ten minutes I was both committed to staying and regretting it.

We had a few of the appetizers, including the cajun chicken w/ ketchup, and some kind of mustard sauce, with overseasoned fries.

I think I’ve been in there once before, it wasn’t memorable.  I won’t be back.

Newport Seafood Grill on Urbanspoon

Nationwide Chain – Sbarro’s

Sbarro is the king of mall pizza, arguably.  And the chain recently entered voluntary bankruptcy.  I saw an article recently that called Sbarro “America’s least essential restaurant,” and that may well be true.

I hadn’t been to one in a long time, but finding myself trapped in a mall the other day, I deciced to try a slice, and $6.88 later, but one slice of sausage/pepp and a bottle of water, I found myself contemplating the crust.

Why the crust?  Well, the sausage, and pepperoni (diced, what’s with that?) were nothing to write home (or here) about; nor was the cheese.

The crust?  I’d like to try and make a pun about “the crust was to die for,” but in reality, the crust was so hard, it could kill someone.   Note the video.

When you are contemplating your shopping experience, I heartily recommend you limit yourselves to malls with Villa Pizza outlets.  A vastly superior product.


Beaverton, OR – Buffet Palace

Quit your hatin’. Why does this place get panned so much? I love Asian buffets, and this is one of the better ones I have been to. Located near the Cedar Hills Mall, Buffet Palace offers more choices for lunch and dinner than you can shake a stick at. (What does that mean, anyway?)

From fresh seafood like crab legs, oysters, shrimp and scallops, to a bevy of hot Asian dishes (as well as “select your own stir fry”), salads, soups, sushi, and standard American kids fare, including pizza, french fries, chicken wings, you’re sure to find something you will like to (over)eat at Buffet Palace.

With lunch at around $8, and dinner at $15, go right at the switch-over time and enjoy the dinner additions to the lines at lunch prices. Beverages are extra.

Personally, I enjoyed the unlimited Chinese dumplings (steamed or fried), a variety of shrimp, bowls of both won-ton and hot and sour soup (tho the latter does not compare to the Golden Horse’s recipe), fried rice, some fish, California rolls. For dessert, I had a mess o’ jello and some macaroons.

The food is attractive, and the serving areas are clean; the staff is personable.

Yes, even tho there are no dogs or pizza, BurgerDogBoy is one happy camper at an Asian buffet.

Buffet Palace, Beaverton, OR

Buffet Palace, Beaverton, OR

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Portland, OR – Barbur World Foods (Pizza)

One of our neighborhood grocery stores, Barbur World Foods, features a wide variety of imported groceries, and an over-the-top deli counter where you can buy the requisite sliced meat, cheese, as well as a number of freshly made hot and cold dishes lately.

They also have made-to-order brick oven pizzas, including some specialty Lebanese style ones.

Mrs. BurgerDogBoy and I were out for an early evening stroll last nite, and decided to have a ‘romantic’ parking lot dinner at Barbur. She picked out a number of exotic dishes like beef stuffed zucchini, and I went with one of the Lebanese pizzas, Zahm B’Ajeen, a pie covered with a tomato and onion ground beef mixture.

The pie maker quickly created and ovened the pie, and it was ready in less than ten minutes. At 3.95, this has got to be one of the best pizza bargains in Portland.

You can also order any of the usual toppings from the ‘build your own’ menu, with personal sized pies starting at $5, and the large size at $13. Even adding a gaggle of your favorite toppings does not increase the prices significantly.

The oven man also makes fresh based pita, and the deli counter houses some of Portland’s best hummus (if you are keeping track of the SW hummus wars!).

There’s a daily soup (we had lentil, which was very nice), gyros (shwarma) and made to order deli sandwiches.

Barbur has a fantastic cheese selection, nice produce, quality meats, in addition to the imported groceries. It’s a nice option in our neighborhood, and for Portland. Be sure to patronize our local groceries, especially in light of yesterday’s announcement that Wal Mart is considering adding another SEVENTEEN stores in the area!

I found a recipe online if you want to try and make this at home.

Here’s a pic of the pie.

Barbur World Foods Lebanese Pizza

Barbur World Foods Lebanese Pizza[/caption

McMinnville, OR – La Rambla

La Rambla, McMinnville, OR

La Rambla, McMinnville, OR

Rambled in to La Rambla (boulevard in Spanish) the other day; had a business appointment with a colleague in McMinnville, and since we both had already seen the Spruce Goose, lunch seemed like a go.

A tastefully decorated bar and dining area probably makes La Rambla one of the go-to places in McM town.
Featuring a menu of hot and cold tapas, as well as a few large plates, and hoity-toity cocktails, I could easily imagine sitting in there some Saturday afternoon and saying “give me the left side of the menu. (And I WILL do this!).
As it was, we went with the charcuterie plate, bread and oil, house made potato chips with cumin, fancy pants beet salad with stinky cheese bits, and all were excellent.
I was especially fond of the morcilla, a pork based blood sausage, very coarse, served hot with a crispy casing. Nice.  Excellet chorizo (the dry kind) and jamon serrano, as well.
There were at least a dozen other things on the menu we would have liked to have tried, including the burger, which the bartender was pushing. The burger is made from the most excellent Harris Ranch beef from California.
Will I be back? Often. A grazer’s paradise!

La Rambla Charcuterie

La Rambla Charcuterie

La Rambla on Urbanspoon

Gardenburger Brand – Portobello Mushroom

Picked up a four pack of these a few weeks ago, got around to sampling last nite.  Not particularly healthier compared to – say a typical McDonald’s hamburger or cheeseburger, except in that they have less fat.   But pretty much equal in the carb and sodium department.
Ingredients include a couple of different rices, a couple of different mushrooms, a couple of different cheeses, dried spices, sugar.
Instructions say you can pan fry or microwave, we tried a hybrid.  Pan fried on cast iron for 5 minutes on one side, 3 minutes on another.
Consumed one right from the skillet, the other went into the microwave for an additional minute.
While the patties are flavorful, and the mushrooms definitely come through, my main objection was the texture – not “meaty” enough, tho the post skillet microwave treatment seemed to enhance the chewiness.
Garnished as I would any burger, mustard, onion, pickles, but ultimately could only eat half because of the texture thing.  Mrs. Burgerdogboy polished off the nuked one, however, and enjoyed it very much.
Would I buy again?  No.  While I am sure most vegetarians would enjoy this product, if I  am to add ‘meat substitutes’ to my diet, I kinda want the taste and feel of meat.  A veggie burger might be good if it is laced with beef extract, for example.
Do you have a recipe for a veggie burger that tastes like beef? I hope you share it here.


Portland, OR – Vegetarian House

Burgerdogboy went over to the dark side yesterday, hit up the buffet at the Vegetarian House in Portland’s Old Town/Chinatown.  $8 all you can eat, $6 for a single plate.

There are about 8-10 items and soup on the buffet.  The restaurant is clean and the host hospitable.

I enjoyed my lunch, which consisted of a spring roll, mock chicken with vegetables, fried tofu, fried rice, won ton strips, and shredded eggplant soup.   All the dishes had a very “clean” taste, which was nice, but of course, the fried stuff didn’t make it all that “healthy.”

Nevertheless, I’ll hit them up again.  It’s fast, it’s close to the office, and tasty!

Vegetarian House, Portland, OR

Vegetarian House, Portland, OR

Portland, OR – Theo’s (Chinatown)

Theo's Portland, Interior

Theo's Portland, Interior

One all-day, late night option in Portland’s Old Town/Chinatown is Theo’s, on NW Fifth Avenue.

Offering a variety of burgers, sandwiches, sides, and so on, Theo’s is a great quick stop for a bite, or call ahead for take-out.
I was wasting time in the neighborhood, and stopped in to get a burger to go.  I had previously tried their Chicago-style hot dog.

In my previous post, I had referred to their service as “pokey”, and that hasn’t changed.  If you’re the only customer, or one of many, it’s gonna take a bit to get your food.
This day, I went with the “Bac-N-Blue” Burger, their 1/3 lb, all-natural beef, flame broiled, topped with thick-sliced bacon, chunky blue cheese dressing, and dressed with garlic mayo, lettuce, and tomato.  I upgraded for a side of natural cut fries, and Theo’s offers a number of dipping sauces for their taters, and I went with the Cilantro Mayo.

Examination?  Soft bakery roll, slightly toasted;  machine formed patty; crisp lettuce; meager bacon; tomato AWOL (so often these days, but they SHOULD tell you); more than ample blue cheese dressing with substantial chunks of cheese in it.
Natural cut (I still haven’t figured out what this means) fries, and a ramikin of the dipping sauce.  The fries are nice, lightly salted, crispy outside, soft inside.  The sauce, although flavorful, has me a bit worried.  It was squeezed out of a standard plastic condiment bottle into the ramikin.  Not refrigerated, in fact kind of warm.  I pass on using it.

The burger flavor is good, and it’s a fairly coarse grind, so there is some heft to it, which is nice.  I like the blue cheese dressing a lot, and give a thumbs up too, to the garlic mayo, tho for my taste, they could slow down on that condiment.  With the dressing and the mayo, you have a little bit of a mess on your hands.
Will I return?  Yeah, maybe.  I work in the neighborhood, which has a limited number of lunch options beyond the half-dozen Chinese restaurants.

Would I find Theo’s appealing late at night, if I was in the neighborhood?  I think at the same price point, and with similiarly pokey service, I’d probably opt for People’s Sandwich, a couple blocks away.
So have fun, check out these places, especially if you are in the neighborhood clubs, late.  But please, beware the local indigenous population of the ‘hood when you are walking around here late at night.  Menu on our menu page!

Theo's Bac-N-Blue Burger

Theo's Bac-N-Blue Burger

Theo's Bac-N-Blue Burger

Theo's Bac-N-Blue Burger

Portland, OR – Slappy Cakes


Chicken Fried Bacon

Chicken Fried Bacon

If you haven’t hit Slappy Cakes in SE Portland, because you think it’s just for kids, you’ve missed one of the best breakfasts in town.

Although children of all ages will enjoy the concept of making their own pancakes right at the table – choose from a type of batter and a wide selection of both sweet and savory toppings, the full-service menu offers hidden breakfast gems the quality of which are rare on the Portland breakfast scene.

We ventured over on Wednesday morning (because we hear it can be a madhouse on weekends), with visiting nephew in tow, and he delighted in squeezing buttermilk pancake batter (out of a ketchup style condiment bottle) onto the griddle and tossing in chocolate chips and raisins. 

The batter and griddle are perfect for cooking up a batch of virtually no fail flapjacks, and the buttermilk cakes are great just on their own.

But delve into the full service menu offerings (adult beverages as well), and you’ll find great finds like chicken fried bacon with a caramel sauce; country fried steak with potatoes, crispy on the outside, pillowy soft inside, reminiscent of New Orleans famous “Brabant style” potatoes. Cover all that with sausage gravy. Man oh man.

Mrs. Burgerdogboy went with the Huevos Rancheros, and offered me a smidgen of a taste as she scarfed up her plate.  I have to say, it was delicious.   The concoction rests on a pile of ‘secretly-seasonsed’ beans which are to die for.

Other interesting choices include congee,  pork belly benedict, and an interesting sounding mushroom scramble.  Yes, veggie offerings as well.

Slappy Cakes, where have you been my entire breakfast life?  I am in love! 


Country Fried Steak and Potatoes

Country Fried Steak and Potatoes


Slappy Cakes on Urbanspoon

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