Portland, OR – Salty’s Seafood Grill

Was invited by Portland’s garden consultant extraordinaire, Sara Pool, for brunch at Salty’s on the Columbia River.

We’ve wanted to hit this brunch for a long while, as it features at least three of Mrs. Burgerdogboy’s favorites – crab legs, raw oysters, and bacon!

And I’m all about any place you can eat pounds of bacon and sausage and not be admonished or penalized (in some regards) for doing it.

We arrived for the 11am seating (make reservations via OpenTable), and were seated promptly, tho the restaurant was very crowded.  (Note, it seemed to thin out a bit around 123o).   Our affable server Austin (named after my mother’s home town) took our beverage orders and explained our options.

We were seated upstairs at a window overlooking the marina, the river, and flightpath for PDX.   It was a lovely sunny day.

The buffet is on the main floor, and the choices are too numerous to even start a list.  Suffice to say that anything you could imagine being on an American Sunday brunch buffet was there in full force, very high quality, attention to detail and presentation.  Whether you wanted to focus on a “breakfast” or imbibe in solely seafood, or chomp on chocolates – have at it!

Just the seafood alone is enough to drag me to this place (full menu link below), this is a feast!

Salty's Seafood Weekend Brunch Menu

The Salty’s brunch is a bit spendy ($45 plus drinks), but take a gander at their brunch menu online, and you’ll want save your pennies to hit this place as soon as possible.

I haven’t been very happy with my food pix lately, and today was no exception.  This is just one plate of many that we had.  The foto looks “foggy”, as you can see.  I had a lightbulb when I got home, and cleaned the lens.  A lot of old burgers and pizza covering that piece of glass, apparently.   A new camera is on my wish list for burgering in 2012.

The quality will improve!  (Thanks Spool for a fabulous day!).


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