Pizza Hut (nationwide) The Big Dinner Box

American fast food outlets have long offered “bundled meals” at their overseas franchise outlets, but they have been slow to roll out in the U.S.

Pizza Hut has recently unveiled their “Big Dinner Box” at U.S. stores, and at $19.95,  I think it’s a real value for an impromptu family meal, game day, or if your moochy relatives stop by unannounced.

The “Big Dinner Box” is comprised of two medium topping pan style pizzas (you cannot change the crust, at least online), five breadsticks with marinara sauce (you can upgrade to cheesesticks for more $), and 8 wings with your choice of both flavor and one dipping sauce.

I order delivery from Pizza Hut on occasion, and my pie of choice is the thin crust meat lovers, which I find to be satisfactory and a relatively good value.  They rarely make a mistake on my delivery orders, and last nite was not an exception, the dinner box came on time, and as ordered, presented at the door by a very attractive young woman delivery person, whom I am sure endures a whole gaggle of inappropriate comments her entire shift.  (“But I didn’t order a pizza!”).

The contents of the box were hot and as advertised.

Toppings are “the thing” for me with pizza, and I pretend to watch carbs, or “pan style” would not be my choice, but that’s what was offered, and what I received.

If I were running the shift, or the executive kitchen at Pizza Hut, I’d suggest cooking the pans a little longer, they were a little too doughy for my taste.   And I would suggest offering different crusts for the Big Dinner Box, even if I had to pay extra.

This offering will quite handily feed a family of four, I would suggest, Mrs. Burgerdogboy and I barely made a dent in it.

Order yours for delivery or pick up online at

Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box


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