Do You Have Creative Ideas for Penna Olives?

Penna Olives I’m among a lucky group of folks asked by Penna Olives to play with some products and come up with some new ideas and recipes.   One of the premier olive growers and processors in Northern California, Penna sells all types of cured and stuffed olives, along with other related products.   Direct to customers as well as wholesale.  They sell ripe olives, right off the tree, for people who want to try curing and flavoring olives at home.   It’s easy and fun, I do about 20 pounds each year and they are popular holiday gifts, and the rest keep me for an entire year.  There are lots of tips on curing on the Penna site, and I’ve documented my experiences in the past.

The various sizes of green olives are the first to be harvested each year, in September, and they go fast, so you have to start checking the fresh olive page on the Penna website in late August to be sure you don’t miss out.

In the first pack that Penna sent out to play with are four products, Dirty Martini Mix, Olivesecca (dried, pitted olives), Sicilian Spiced Pitted, and Spicy Green Beans.  I have some ideas for each of these, and Mrs. Burgerdogboy loves the Martini mix in her adult beverages of the ‘dirty’ variety – she has to hide it from me or I’d just chug it.

How about you? Have some ideas for us to try out?  Let us know, and follow the results here and on Penna’s Facebook page!







Penna Olives

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