Walmart Sub Review

Walmart Sub ReviewI  Grabbed a Walmart sub on the way out of the store the other day.  They are generally in a case up by the service deli, and there are several varieties; the label says  they “Made Fresh in Store.”

I opted for the “Italian Hero,” a “fresh baked rustic French loaf piled high with salami, pepperoni, hot ham capicolla and provolone cheese.” (Note, it wasn’t piled THAT high).  It also has lettuce and tomato, and there are squeezy pouches of mayo and mustard in the wrap.   Those eight sandwich components are made of (drumroll)… of over one hundred separate ingredients, according to the label (pictured below).

The sandwich costs  $5.48, or $5.15 per pound.  If you think weight equals value, note that there are heavier weighing sandwiches in the case for the same price.

What did I think of it?   It’s ok, I guess.  I can’t compare it to Subway, as I haven’t been in one for a really long time, don’t really care for them.  The meat in this sandwich has a nice little kick to it, some good flavor, but the moisture content of the vegetables plays hell on the bread, depending on how long the sandwich is in the case (mine was apparently there awhile).  I had no objections to the bread, whatever, tho I noted other sandwiches were on a “cheesy bread,” and I would prefer that.

I think the sandwich could be improved by wrapped the lettuce and tomato OUTSIDE of the bread, like the did with the condiments.  Wouldn’t seem to increase production time or costs, if they really are made in the store.

And I’d like a pickle, please.


Walmart Sub Review









Walmart Sub Review

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