Our Farm Brand Bacon Review

Our Farm Bacon ReviewSpoiler alert. Worst. Bacon. Ever.

Bacon and bacon flavored items are everywhere these days. Bacon salt, bacon mayo, bacon soap….you name it, it’s probably available.  It’s clear that we love bacon. Americans eat bacon an average of 18 times each year, for a total of 5,608,654,506 pounds annually! Yes, that’s BILLION.   62% of restaurants have bacon on their menus.  People over 34 eat more bacon than those younger than 34. (Curious).

Oscar Mayer is the number one brand, with Hormel Black Label in the # 2 slot.

“Our Farm” brand falls into the value pricing category, it’s made by Fresh Mark, Inc. of Ohio, who does a lot of private label packaging and also sells “Superior” and “Sugardale” brands. It’s processed at USDA establishment #31.

“Our Farm” is more fat than meat, considerably more, and it seems to be a common complaint by consumers, at least on one website.

I can’t recommend that you buy this product if you are planning on serving bacon as a side, or using it on sandwiches, but if it is on sale cheap enough, it would be OK for seasoning soups or other dishes.

By the way, this company also makes / sells Sugardale brand bacon, a much superior product.

Bacon trends report from the Pork Board.



Our Farm Bacon Review

Our Farm Bacon Review

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