Amsterdam, NL – Rembrandt Bar & Cafe

We were in search of a tattoo place, a friend here at home had recommended it. It was strange, we had an address which we found, which was a tattoo place, but not THE tattoo place. One of the artists there knew the guy we were looking for and gave us the name of the shop and directions, which we could try the next day.

“Exhausted” from our walk, it was definitely time for a coffee and a bite, and we had wandered into a neighborhood that reminded me of the sidewalk cafes in Paris, and a short menu on the outside of one called us in – for french roll sandwiches. The Dutch sure love sandwiches….and grilled cheese(s), which they call “toasties.”

Cafe/Bar Rembrandt is almost like being in any bistro in Paris, a bar/coffee shop/little food place, only lacking the ubiquitous “tabac” in the corner.

We each started with a cappuccino and some bubbly water, and Mrs BDB ordered a salmon and cream cheese sandwich, and I went with ham and cheese on a french roll. It was plain, simple, and just what we needed, and as I have said countless times on this trip, the bread makes anything palatable!

This is fairly close to the flower market, if you find yourself in that area, and dangerously close to a Delft store that ships overseas. Hit the former, try and skip the latter!

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