Amsterdam, NL – L’Amour Bakery, Pizza, Hot Dogs

It seems like there is a bakery every 50 feet in Central Amsterdam. Selling delicious baked goods, sweet waffles (a local favorite), many of them also offer dogs, pizza, and/or burgers. L’Amour was one we passed by regularly, and one late nite, after “coffee”, the appeal of a waffle drenched with chocolate and caramel, and piled high with whipped cream and fresh fruit, was just too much to pass up. We got one on the way back to the hotel, and I’m not really sure what happened to it between the bakery and hotel, Mrs BDB was in charge of its safekeeping, and I believe she said “she dropped it” on the way home.

Yeah, right. I did manage at least one slice of fruit and a dollop of whipped cream (sidebar: I didn’t see any whipped cream in Holland that came out of a spray can, this was the real deal), and it was delicious.

So we thought we’d add the L’Amour to our snack cycle next time we passed by.

The proprietor was a proud man from somewhere in the Middle East, and we cooed about how much we liked the waffle, which motivated him to launch into a speech about how he prepares everything fresh, fresh is the key to customer satisfaction, and keeps people (like us, apparently) coming back fore more.

Mrs. BDB ordered french bread pizza (which she NEVER does) (maybe I am converting her) adorned with ham and mushrooms. I went for the cheese hot dog. I was really looking for the pepperoni cheese hot dog, but L’Amour didn’t offer that variety.

The food came quickly, but not so quickly that Mrs BDB, who had a view of the kitchen, could observe the next round of whipped cream waffles being assembled in the back, and opined out loud whether she had made the right selection.

The dog was a good-sized beef skinless, with gooey Dutch cheese melted all over the (naturally) excellent bun. I didn’t try the pizza (WTF?) but was assured it was mighty fine, as well.

We contemplated getting another waffle to take home, but I was sure it would just be “dropped” on the way, so we left that for another day.

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