An Evening of Take-Out in Portland

Mrs. BurgerDogBoy and I decided it was take out night, well, really, it happened by ‘accident’, she had received a gift certificate good at Porcelli‘s, courtesy of one of the time-schleppers that calls on her.

So she instructed me to hit up that place after I made a stop at Les Schwab (aren’t these guys utterly fantastic?!)  for an “adjustment”. (On the car, not on my attitude, tho that could come in handy lately, too).

The gift certificate was only $25, so my selection was limited to a few appetizers, a.  There is a wider variety of appys on the dinner menu, than on the lunch one (it was about 230 in the PM).

This not being enough to sustain us, I headed down the street to Reo’s Ribs.

My own repast would be supplemented at home by some handsome prosciutto that Mrs. BDB had picked up for me the day before at Foster & Dobbs.  (She is SOOOO thoughtful and good to me!)

So, Porcelli’s.  Never been in there before, and instantly regretted that, after seeing the place and perusing the menu.  This is old school Italian (menu), with three chefs hard at it, in the open kitchen, cooking up favorites in an ambience-lacking atmosphere (who cares, I wanna stare at my plate at a place like this), and a waitress that was da bomb.

I picked up their hot artichoke dip, bruschetta, and the antipasto plate, each beautiful in their own right, even in take-out boxes.   I don’t know if they bake or buy  their bread, but it’s damned fine, and the bruschetta topping was chopped, diced, and spliced in front of my eyes.   Even the olives on the antipasto plate were top notch, an interested variety of blacks and greens or different sizes. I’m sold.  I’ll be heading back there a lot, solo, pigging out on whatever I fancy at the time.

Reo’s Ribs, I have hit before, but only for a sandwich. I picked up a half-rack of baby backs for Mrs. BDB, and two sides, mustard/collard green mix, and cheese grits.  She pronounced them all fine, and I had a bite of one rib, even tho it’s not my thing, and I liked it a lot.  She even went so far as to say she loved the greens, which is a big step for her, as nobody, but nobody, makes better greens than Mrs. BurgerDogBoy. And she’s a cheese grits fan from way back, which is kinda funny, I never knew this about herwhen we were living in grits-ville.

Foster & Dobbs?  Superb wine shop and up market deli with to die for foodstuffs.  It’s near a client of Mrs BDB, so she’s been in there a lot lately, which is good for me!

Last week she brought home some truffle butter, big trouble for both of us (as is anything “truffley” lately).

The prosciutto is top-grade, melts in your mouth, not in your hands, like eating ‘buttah”.   Can’t get enough of it.  Or jamon serrano, for that matter.  Thank god the latter is finally legal in the US, tho I don’t understand why there was ever a ban on it.

Next time you see me, ask me to tell you the story of the “ham beagle” at JFK.  It’s a stitch!

Porcelli's Appetizers

Porcelli's Appetizers

Reo's Rib Plate

Reo's Rib Plate

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