Duluth, MN – Pak’s Green Corner (Review)

What do hot dogs, steamed dumplings, curry, poutine, cous cous, burgers, penne with meatballs have in common?   Not a thing.  But you can enjoy all of these “world foods” and much more at Pak’s Green Corner at 40th and Grand in Duluth.

Open only a couple of weeks, for lunch and dinner six days, and later on Friday and Saturday, Pak’s hopes to have something to satisfy nearly everyone, and serve it fresh and fast.

Kawikamedia and his burger posse were some of the first customers, and Kawikamedia went with the burger (“Hot dish sandwich”), ground beef, corn, bacon, taters, gravy, open face……..and an order of the poutine, Canada’s traditional snack food (Canada is practically next to Duluth, it’s a wonder you can’t get this everywhere!).  Poutine is fries with cheese curds and brown gravy, and Pak’s gets it right.

You’ll find more info on their Facebook page.  Full menu and another review here.

Pak's Green Corner Duluth Minnesota


Pak's Green Corner Duluth Minnesota

Hot Dish Sandwich (Open Face Burger)

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