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Pietro's Pizza Portland Oregon

I’m all about old-timey and garish. The outside of

Pietro’s fits the latter, the inside the former. Almost as old as I am, Pietro’s has been serving pizza to Oregonians for over 60 years, and is constantly at the top of most local favorite lists.

Having noticed its list ranking, not having tried it, and finding myself in the area, Friday, I stopped in for a to-go pie, and almost had second thoughts upon seeing the ultra-jammed parking lot at midday.

But figured that must be a good thing, as well. The place was chock-a-block with a wide variety of diners, construction workers, office colleagues, families with kids running amok in the large game room.

I opted for one of the specials, the 5 meat combo, with Canadian bcon, salami, pepperoni, Italian sausage and beef.  I added sliced green olives for good measure, one of my personal favorite pizza toppings and a rarity in the Pacific NW.  The price topped $25.

The counter clerk did not ask me whether I preferred thin or thick crust, so I  didn’t know that was an option until I read the menu at home.  I’m guessing mine was on the ‘thick’ side (by my definition) not one of my usual preferences, but this was a crust I really enjoyed.   Crispy on the bottom and edges, a dusting of cornmeal, and chewy as you worked your way through the pie.  OK, a further examination of the menu shows a surcharge for thick crust, so this was their variety of thin after all!

Ample toppings, great cheese and sauce, and Mrs. Burgerdogboy opined that she detected a hint of anchovy paste in the sauce.  I couldn’t say, but it does have a unique flavor which I found very appealing.

The slices held up well, hot or cold, very little “hang’ and no toppings or cheese sliding off the slice when held up for examination.  A good sign.

Pietro’s also has wings, a salad bar, grinders (aka heroes, subs, hoagies) and spaghetti or lasagna for a pasta choice.

Hand-crafted microbrews, domestic beers and house wine round off the beverage choices.

It’s a great pie. Looks like a fun place for the whole family.  I shall return.

Pietro's Pizza Portland Oregon


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