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U-Licious BBQ Portland OregonUpon sitting down, I knew instantly that I would regret not being able to order (or consume) the entire menu. It smelled that good, it felt that right.

We were off for a rare midday lunch together, and there are few things Mrs. Burgerdogboy likes better than ribs, and few things I like better than keeping Mrs. BDB happy. Took me a long time to learn “happy wife, happy life”, but it has sure paid off in spades in our house!

So U-Licious it was. I had not heard of it until a few weeks ago, cruising the general area for other pleasures.

She went with the rib platter, side of slaw, I went with the pulled pork, side of greens.  We added two more sides (tho certainly didn’t need to, portions are ample and relatively inexpensive) mac n cheese, and beans and rice.

The pulled pork sandwich was divine.  Crispy charred bits of pork in with sweet delicious hunks of savory meat and a slightly sweet (but not overpowering) bbq sauce.  Both the pork and ribs obviously spent a good portion of their lives on the smoker – the flavor permeates every bite.

The crispy bits reminded me of the delicious offerings of “Mother”” in New Orleans, famous for their own crispiness – the charred black ham, or the roast beef debris (pronounced there as de BRIS.

I put some slaw on my sandwich in a good Carolina fashion. The beans and rice were flavorful – this isn’t a traditional ‘red beans and rice’ recipe, but two dishes served together, much more common in Creole influenced countries.

The rib meat was fall off the bone tender, and the mac and cheese filling and delicious.

I’m told this guy has been here awhile, and it was easy for us to understand why.

U-Licious BBQ Portland Oregon

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