Nationwide – Burger King “Double Stacker” (Review)

Burger King Double StackerCan’t remember when the last time I was in a BK was….gotta be 15 years.  In the interim, they have slipped from being the #2 to #3 burger chain, gone through a plethora of owners, and have abandoned both “have it your way”, and that incredibly frightening “King” mascot.

So I can’t really say what possessed me to pull into one today, other than I was hungry, and knew what other options lay ahead of me on the road I was traveling.

I went for the “Double Stacker” combo, and added an additional side of “Value Sized” onion rings for a buck. The Double Stacker is described on the menu board as “Boasting two flame-broiled beef patties, one slice of melted American cheese, thick cut hardwood smoked bacon, our made to order BK® Double Stacker Meal is smothered in zesty BK® Stacker sauce and held together by a toasted bun.”

710 calories and 81 carbs with the small fry and Diet Coke. I wish nutritional info posted the weight, as these were two tiny patties, possibly even smaller than McDonald’s McDouble. Maybe…guessing, 1.5 ounces each?

The taste of the burger hasn’t changed me, if memory serves me. It still has that built-in “char/smokey” flavor. The o-rings haven’t changed much either, but it’s nice of BK to have a value size order of the rings.

The fries? Interesting. Not cut potatoes, but more like an extruded product (as in, taking a mash potato slurry and making them fry shape), crispy on the outside and puffy on the inside.

I’m not sure what “Stacker Sauce” is, if there was some on my burger, I didn’t notice.

BK’s new owner doesn’t seem to be taking the improvement initiative that Wendy’s is; with so many fast-growing upstarts on the horizon, Five Guys, Smashburger and the like, you’d think all the chains would be busting their humps to ‘improve’.

My bill was $5.99. The food was satisfactory. But it might be another 15 years before I get back again. Just sayin’.

Oh, and thanks for the extra unidentifiable fried thing in the fries.  Kind of like when one used to get the bucket of fry crumbs at Long John Silvers!  (What were those called?)

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