On the Prowl for a Growl(er) – Portland Bottle Shop Review

Not being much of a drinker anymore, I’m generally not up to date on all the what-nots with the industry, lingo, and certainly not familiar with crap happening in the microbrew and related industries.

So when Mrs. Burgerdogboy and I were walking the streets of Portland’s Sellwood neighborhood last week, and I saw a sidewalk sign outside of the Portland Bottle Shop that said “yes, we have growlers!”  I had to pop in and inquire just WTF that meant.

Seems the growlers are take home beer bottles (or containers) of sort.  They are sold at microbreweries so one can take home “fresh” beer.

The Bottle Shop’s version of the origin of the word varies slightly from Wikipedias.   The store version had the origin of the word dating back to the day when people would come into a pub for their beer, be impatient, and “growl” for it.   Wikipedia takes exception to this story, and states that the name came from the sound the beer made, sloshing around in a (at that time) galvanized bucket….the CO2 gas being released from the lid seemed to “growl.”

No matter.  We sampled some wine, and parked our butts at a table by the window, and picked at some of the Bottle Shop’s local noshes – a pretzel platter, with mustard and cheese sauce, and a bit of pate (“I can drink it all day”) – all were quite tasty.  I would have liked to have tried their charcuterie (and will someday).

These folks seem really great, knowledgeable about their wines, and prices are reasonable.  I suggest when you are wine hunting to make the Portland Bottle Shop one of your first stops.

You’ll fine them at 7960 SE 13TH Ave. in Portland.


Tuesday & Wednesday 11:30 am – 8 pm
Thursday thru Saturday 11:30 am – 9 pm
Sunday noon – 6 pm, Monday closed

Pretzel Plate, & Mushroom Pate


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