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Been here before, at the end of an overindulgent day, but just noshed on snacks outside, hadn’t been in.  Was wasting time before an appointment today, thought I would have lunch, didn’t really have a burger in mind, and after looking at the menu, asked for the Painted Hills beef French Dip.  Oops – said that it wouldn’t be ready til 1230 (it was 1145).

Serratto Portland

Serratto Portland

I thought about waiting, after all, I did have a plate of crusty bread, olive oil, and a NYT puzzle in front of me.

But my ADD kicked in, and I did go with a burger, it was Painted Hills beef as well, which I generally have had no complaints about, anywhere in this god-forsaken burg we live in.

So for $10, Serratto offers the burger as follows:  brioche, white cheddar, bacon, bbq sauce, crispy fried onions, pommes frites, and the description is almost  accurate down to a “T”.

If I wouldn’t have been speed reading, I would have asked them to skip the BBQ sauce.  The menu didn’t say there was aioli on the bottom bun, and chef, if you are reading this, offer the patty liberally slathered with the aioli, lose the bbq sauce, and you’ll have a real winner.

The fries?  Eh, not so much.  Overcooked and greasy at the same time, however that can happen.  And it seems like that was one of the items I was so enamored with last visit.

Serratto Portland Painted Hills Burger

Serratto Portland Painted Hills Burger

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