Portland, OR – Soi9

SOI9 Thai, Portland

SOI9 Thai, Portland

We were invited to Soi9 last night, a Thai outlet on W Burnside.  It’s crammed into a triangular shaped space, which is interesting, and with a decor that is aesthetically gentle.

I don’t care much for Thai food,  in the Americanized-style, just as I don’t care for Chinese cuisine of the same ilk.   Spoiled by the real thing living in Asia, I find the mass palatization of these types of foods to be so far off the mark as to usually be unpleasant.

We were served a wide variety of items from the menu, starting with appetizers, plowing through several entrees, a soup, dessert, and special beverages.

The majority of the items would fall into the “sweet food” category, the balance into the “savory” category.

Mrs. BDB preferred the sweet (because she is, I suppose), while I preferred the savory (altho I could more properly be classified as “bitter” and not “savory”.)

Not much of the food was “hot”, tho the plain noodle dish, with “tamarind” sauce, had the most kick to it.

The servers were courteous and helpful. The portions are above average in size.

If you like the typical Thai cuisine you are served in Portland, you’ll like this place.  Nice bar seating too, if you are traveling solo.

Soi9 Thai, Portland, OR

Soi9 Thai, Portland, OR

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