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You know how I feel about places that are pronounced “the best in the city” by various local polls. Ron’s is one such place, an “institution” the puff pieces say. How can some place be an institution that was started a couple decades after I was born?

For once, I sat down for a meal at a place labeled “the best of the city,”, took a bite, and went “ahhhhhhhhh.” (Fortunately all life is a balance, and I cannot say the same happened later in the day in Wichita!).

Ron’s has been dishing out their special burgers and chili all over Tulsa since 1975. The original location, on South Denver, close to downtown, is a bright, cheery, place, with ample seating inside.

I had advised an old business colleague that I was zipping thru Tulsa, and he agreed to meet me and give me the down low on Ron’s. I arrived before he did, and perused the menu, which offered a wide variety of chili-enhanced burgers, dogs, 2 and 3 way, and even a few salads.

When he arrived, he advised me to go with the Chili Sausage Cheeseburger, a 1/3 pound patty mixture of half beef, half pork country sausage, with onion mixed in, on a bun with onions, pickle, and mustard, and smothered in Ron’s chili topped with more cheese and diced onion. We agreed to split an order of regular fries.

We talked over old and new times while waiting, and before long, were served our masterpieces.This was one smothered burger, not even slightly visible beneath the mouth of chili.

Sliced in half, I could see the hand-formed patty nicely tugged amidst the condiments on a soft roll. 

I tasted the chili on its own, first. My, oh, my. Tasty. Lop off a big bite of burger, bun, and chili with my fork. OMG. It really was fantastic!

I’d love to return, because the menu offers some other interesting variations I saw later, worth checking out, at least for me, including a variation of the above burger but stuffed with ham and bacon. MMMMMMM.

Tulsans, you get “reader’s polls” right! Ron’s HAS to be the best burger and chili in the city, I just don’t see how any one could be better!

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